reflects the main site navigation into a directory, through which users and spiders can access to the deep layers of all the important sites. So the main part must be prominently on the website home page, and the text links instead of images more than flash navigation. If your site is two level three many columns, please don’t put to the navigation bar, the navigation bar should be put in your key columns. Reasonable and effective website internal circulation links, such as the commonly used home column content, keep 3, is very helpful for the spider crawling and indexing. Some products can be recommended in the past page directly link, although it belongs to the 3 level of the content page, but the page links from the past, belongs to the 2 level directory; for search engines crawl beneficial to site owners is also more likely to promote his key products, also can be easier for users to find him the information. Another example of a lot of home are used "index.asp", in fact, it belongs to the general page page, the author will be changed to "/" or absolute address, increase the weight of the home page. When some customers like to optimize the navigation message or the landing pages can be nofollow off, after all, the spider is not so smart.


when you search your website, careful users may find the search engine information given is the title and description of the website, so in the website title and description in the keywords is very great in the role of the ranking. We all know the weight given to search engine ranking algorithm in the title is very high, reasonable title will improve the search engine’s attention to a great extent, the title should be closely linked to the meaning of the expression, be associated with the theme of the site, the premise sentence added under the 2-3 keyword, not forced to join keywords or keyword stack. In addition, in the description tags and contents of reasonable arrangement of keywords, appropriate anchor text, bold emphasis on the main keywords.


site navigation optimization, facilitate the spider crawling

1, title and description optimization, highlight key words

3, prepared page content, improve the user experience of

site internal optimization is every Shanghai Longfeng workers must be done early, is the basis of website promotion; internal website optimization is indubitability for keyword ranking and the role of ascension website weight. Internal web site optimization is designed to highlight some of the core keywords and long tail keywords associated with this, for spiders crawl and crawl, user experience and reading. Most of the webmaster is optimized for the disposable hand to get a new station, unless the site after the optimization problems, there are few webmaster to optimize later. Internal optimization is a one-time work, it is a fine work. The Hangzhou Shanghai dragon website internal optimization skills summary.

page contents of the article is a spider’s love of appetizers, many do enterprise stand optimization of Shanghai dragon should know that "