may have many webmaster very anxious, new sites online do not content to do a lot of the chain, do have the opposite effect, such as the spider climb up high quality content but to your website, it is the quality of the content, then your website may be Guan Jinsha box, so do not suggest webmaster. From the current incomplete data, many owners are doing, so be careful.

station is not recommended to do outside of the chain, believe that some webmaster have the experience they all know that new sites online content, and then put a solid foundation in the chain spider, since this spider to the site to eat delicious delicacy. Of course, are generally three months later in the chain, this is for me, I think this is the best, whether it is to do or do soft outside the chain chain to three months later, the reason is very simple, the content of full site will accumulate some weight after three months, and then let the spider in find a lot of food. If the spider web site have the taste so good, so that the new site opened three months later in the chain.

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, a new site opened three months later in the chain

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webmaster have encountered such a problem, when a new electricity supplier website for all the on-line optimization are no problem, but in the construction of the external links on a problem, many webmaster know as the new online website, believes that many webmaster have encountered this problem, I also encountered. Especially now I am responsible for the electricity supplier website. At present, our optimization is the electronic commerce website of the glasses industry, optimize the site from the early to mid to late maintenance, do not know how much to eat bitter by how much love the sins of Shanghai, eventually love Shanghai or to the good rankings and weight return me, although later to optimize very well, but in the early new on-line site but don’t know how to build the chain, then I also find a lot of ways to do outside the chain, because it is a novice webmaster so do in the chain may not be so smooth.

, looking for external connection is the rich richer and the poor poorer, unless you have a strong channel resources, otherwise it will be poorer. Of course, if your website has a lot of external links, Shanghai love weight is also very high, and the keyword ranking has reached the point that some articles reach the peak of perfection, or other content on the site there may be many webmaster will find that these owners may be on their website automatically link to you since this site, in the chain will not need much effort, even for friends of the chain is relatively easy. Although this is very good, but for a new line or on the line near the electricity supplier website, may be doing there will be difficulties in the chain, according to my personal experience here will give you a few small webmaster advice, I hope to help to do outside the chain of new on-line website.