anchor link (here first says chain) in fact I am not very familiar with, but you can be seen as a text description, mainly for the core keywords. Can also be in the chain link, you can even point to a need to optimize the. I like a long tail word, I also mentioned in this article long tail words, I can do the anchor point to the article. It can also advertise to me that article do. But the best point in the core keywords on the home page, for example, my article does not pay attention to will appear Guangzhou site construction company, then I will anchor text point to Guangzhou wave search site construction company, this is the anchor link benefits.

The role of the

chain is often novice in do, do this have the required number, so they are new, I also do this now.

chain is simply the chain done about the same time will let you do. The chain can be likened to a spider web, many words like a complex network, the spider can let it stay more time when the crawling.


chain is an annoying thing, an article on "the long tail, the key is how to chase" also mentioned, the chain of each entry to do Shanghai dragon. But many people do not understand, why the enterprise always me to send the chain, I have come to learn, not to send these kind of play. Why not turn down thinking about

chain link in only a small part of it, such as the optimization is a tree, then the tree to give enough sufficient nutrients, then spending part of many scores. Now talk about the link, the link is classification: 1. 3 chain chain chain in 2.


optimization is the most important chain, and some outside the chain of good quality of the chain is usually accumulated out. You imagine if every enterprise to give you the task of the one hundred and fifty chain, ten article text, you may feel a lot, but not much. Because the one hundred and fifty chain number will be deleted? It is not thought that if you think? Think about it, if I was in the hair of the chain, the way to find some good use of the forum, the cumulative down, so a long time, you will not worry the resources outside the chain and what? The forum is good, so you will not a website optimization more easily? After all, now is the chain era. By the way, good outside chain is the chain of high quality to the high quality of the original.



chain is actually also need not say, that is how to lead spider, lead method, lead method is the best known love Shanghai algorithm, but this should not many people know. From the article that the quality of the spider, we like a spider is "man", your article is "woman", then you put the beautiful point, but also seduce spider? The man does not love beautiful woman, is the truth. The end is to see you seduce spider web site "Web".

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