for web technology I am a rookie, but the website set up or website operation related often contact. In fact, always wanted to write an article on the website directory articles, could not write what, but in order to keep up or try to write about Shanghai Longfeng directory structure and the role of the use of. What is the website directory? Site directory structure is divided into "physical structure and logical structure, physical structure refers to the real storage location on your hard disk all the directories displayed by the. When is the actual directory structure of your web site to build a created folder and file shows, similar to our computer system disk folder, folder contains the file directory structure, and the physical structure of the website, the website is also called the logical structure of link structure, mainly refers to the structure formed by the "internal logic structure link or links.

three directory is not absolutely worth is the catalogue

for the optimization of the column, the column name when it is recommended that you use clear directory name, according to the different website and established subdirectories, such as the picture on the /image/, CSS documents in the /css/ directory, try not to directly use the Chinese name for Google recommended English named for love Shanghai recommended spelling name, directory name should not be too long, far short of intuitive, such as my blog has a section called "site optimization", I can use for Google / Shanghai / Shanghai I love the dragon, can use / website optimization and / or /wangzhan-youhua/, can use the delimiter "-" to be divided. In addition to the directory name must be concise and standard unified, such as your column directory naming is Chinese, it is Chinese unified name, if it is English, should all be English name. At the same time in order to further improve the Shanghai dragon performance, suggest that when in the directory named with keywords, put keywords in the directory to increase the weight of keywords.

may have little effect Shanghai dragon fans believe the site directory is located in Shanghai of the dragon, but I personally don’t think so, I always think that the success or failure of the details. Web directory, generally the more shallow the better, more intuitive or, for small and medium-sized enterprise website with a flat directory, that website files directly in the domain name root directory, this directory is actually a flat form ideal for search engine, SE as long as one visit can traverse. But for large web page more, a flat structure is obviously unable to cope with it, generally two to three individual suggestions directory is good, this is also called multi-level directory tree structure. That is the root directory according to demand divided into multiple channels or multiple columns, and in each of the following directory stored belongs to the directory of the ultimate content ", this advantage is easy to maintain, but relatively flat structure, tree structure of SE to capture relatively difficult point.