2. blog: packaging in our blog. Registration time personal information to the more detailed the better, of course, there are places where you can fill in some false information, but can you should fill in all the places to fill. After my experiments, the names of all blog search led included no effect, so the blog can be, as long as you can remember. After registration after blog theme plate inside choose a style, it can according to personal preferences, and then head with the friends of the chain is set up correctly, a blog basic packing is completed, of course, if you are familiar with HTML language can also do some optimization for blog, increase the promotion effect.

1. blog choice: now there are a lot of blog network providers, but not so blog are suitable for network promotion, so that the blog is very important, I according to a plurality of tracking and data analysis of the effect of the use of blog, that love Shanghai, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, and QQ, 39, Tianya, the blog site right important space, search engine easy to catch, very suitable for network promotion.

3. blog: we established the main purpose is to help the network blog network promotion, it is recommended to use the blog, why is it called for the blog, because the post will be with the "XX" web site keywords, so as long as you don’t stop to update this blog, so in Shanghai love to search "keywords XX, blog will come out, there is the promotion of the blog, blog promotion is very good, because only one purpose is to let people know the existence of this product, so the article is not what limits, I will find the theme in the" love Shanghai billboard "often, and then around this theme to write articles, or pseudo original, this will be a lot of traffic in the theme to" love Shanghai "in search of billboard, for some hot events, As a special event, the effect will be very good.

4. blog: blog advertising I seldom put in the blog posts, are generally placed in the layout design, I will advertise in the blog layout, will put in the top bar blog blog album, the album is put most of the product promotion photos, because it can directly display the first. Products to the tourists, second blog phase pictures once indexed by search engines, but also bring traffic to a blog, Sina blog can not only do the album, can also own customer service website to transplant to blog tools, like Changsha Oriental cooking school that blog, about consulting tools into one, so as to further improve promotion of quality.

finally, network promotion blog >


now many webmaster do network promotion is love to use blog, but some novice webmaster did not understand the characteristics of blog, it makes some simple settings, not to reach the goal of promoting, a waste of time and resources. Here I will use some experience to share with you the