don’t take Shanghai dragon look too heavy, Shanghai dragon is a means of promotion, many promotion way, so it is still by the mind. Have a good mind over all your word optimization to the first. Remember that the heart impetuous, and search engines to fight a protracted war, if you are stuck in the first drop right or K stand in the hope that you seek another way down. Take now in love with the sea search has said, it is now May 28, 2013, love Shanghai in this year changed things too much, before saying "content is king, the chain for the emperor" and so on has ceased to exist, now love Shanghai is styled, after all, the market is under threat the position of the competitors, users complain more and more, all kinds of deception appear in love Shanghai search engine, has brought many problems to the majority of Internet users, so gradually began to reject, I believe the future of Shanghai dragon road will slowly like "close to nature". The voice users is not accurate to help you a garbage station, as long as the chain, inside the chain, good weight high Links do give you high ranking, now began to love Shanghai exclusive deliberately do web site optimization, it needs now is a set that can pivot inside users steelyard an instrument or an algorithm, both love Shanghai cannot rely on Internet voting, because of the increased weight of this measure to the netizens, the Shanghai Phoenix staff will immediately identify vulnerabilities as users to cheat, if you love Shanghai, how should you do now? How to make high quality website more the opportunity to show to the users, made a statistics, published very interesting for everyone to see:

explain all the problems, these are the side to enhance accuracy, but for the love of Shanghai is far from enough, Shanghai began to love this piece from 2010, no matter from the sharing of thumb allow users to vote all.

a word index is 100, also represents 100 people a day in search of the word, with the evil love about Shanghai, such as the word Wuhan Shanghai dragon 100 people a day to search, 50% people will go to the first, 95% of the traffic will be to occupy the top three, fourth no traffic basically, but the second day repeat these 95% people, will visit the top three websites, this shows a problem, love to Shanghai out of the search results is not accurate, show users to our data is the most accurate. Water can carry a boat can capsize, anxious to fall in love with the sea, fast in 360 did not stand to find a good solution to search the market before, with small rectification is not in fact, rectification and fear counterproductive. It will help increase the weight of their products, such as Wikipedia, the library, is precisely is needed by the customer, no matter whether it from the medical industry, invite professional physicians or help Wikipedia encyclopedia references external links with

positioning Shanghai Longfeng their learning purpose, persistence, Shanghai dragon is a battle, a protracted war, determine the direction of their own, in order to interest, in order to sell their products, or to expand personal visibility.