3, the long tail word page user experience

if your content page is not writing long tail word for the human reader, is not to do, this will only increase your free bounce rate, product conversion rate really is a cloud. Since the long term, there is no single search engine, the increase rate of product transformation, enhance the user viscosity, is the most important. So, the long tail word page should pay more attention to the user experience.

in selecting the long tail keywords and after release, need to optimize about the long tail keywords page, to get better ranking. The method is to do a few anchor text links to pages long tail keywords in high weight site, at the long tail word page URL. In the station optimization, the author is the top to the home page, let these pages get more weight. Other articles in the anchor text site without affecting user experience also do some point to the long tail word page URL.

1, according to the dynamic industry rapid development of the long tail word


2, optimization of long tail keywords page

as everyone knows, long tail keywords will also bring a considerable amount of IP and PV to the site, which has been a hot topic, old platitude. Many webmaster friends love Shanghai love Shanghai drop-down box and search some long tail word page below recommended, but these words are open, you do what I do you do, do after the competition will be fierce, and the competition is the main keywords difficulty, therefore, in today’s increasingly competitive, we we must learn to innovate thinking, develop their own suitable method, this is the priority among priorities. ADO, here to tell you about the actual operation of the long tail keywords experience, hope to study the long tail word of the webmaster friends bring new inspiration.

are all walks of life there will be some changes, we can seize these opportunities, to develop long tail keywords, such as the Jie Yitong website, keywords of this industry is small, the main drainage on the main keywords, long tail keywords very small proportion, Jie Yitong launched a physical delivery platform that day, that night I released a few such long tail keywords articles, such as the Jie Yitong physical delivery platform how to use it, and what is likely to get this kind of words. Choose the word, to think about, for example, you are a user, how would you search


some long tail keywords may not love Shanghai index, but to make these words the user is likely to be oriented customers, can greatly enhance the product conversion rate, but also can bring more traffic to the site. Select the long tail keywords can also grab analysis of competition, constantly learning from each other. The article here would be ending. "

how to build a high flow of the long tail keywords