exchange Links can not be a threat to


for some old webmaster, looking for some link exchange platform is very easy, the hands may already have many resources in this area, but for the novice, if it is not so easy, but who we are dealing with search engine.

, the principle of adhering to the voluntary, honest

chain is a part of the construction of the chain is very important, although you link to me, I link to you, but it is not just the chain line, to fit with the user experience, on their website benefit to the webmaster, therefore, attaches great importance to Links exchange work. Is the so-called ’tis, A5 Shanghai dragon group in diagnosis and optimization to the customer site when the diagnosis is often found, many websites appear some unnecessary problems, the punishment of the search engine is Links implicated in. Therefore, the webmaster in exchange Links must be careful, not to be careless with the friendship with each other to do what link, if the other party is tourism websites, while you have medical websites, that if you insist on friendship and give up the user experience, believe what to click will not flow for you, the user experience will become very poor, the user won’t go to the cinema with her for, not any thing of value.

finding the value of link exchange platform

webmaster for Links who are looking for a better or equal conditions and exchange their website, but if so care about, want to find a satisfactory in all aspects is not so easy, although this is not as difficult as looking for male and female friends, but also to do lack not rotten, must find in both voluntary, find the contents and their related websites, the most important thing is certain under the principle of good faith, A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization (贵族宝贝 group of Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝) in the diagnosis of the customer site found that some owners secretly the link to be removed, and the addition of the NOFFOLOW property, more owners to use the ROBOTS.TXT file, the shielding of the search engine, these are not good, playing tricks of the performance, the webmaster in exchange friendship Links must be careful.

we are looking for Links, is through QQ, MSN, the communication is more convenient, but also pay attention to politeness problems at the very least, let each other can be very clear to you, but it will not feel tired, you can e-mail, but it should be noted that in the mail before. Should first take each other website links to their website, this is the most basic courtesy and sincerity, if the other party has not wait a few weeks back to your mail, you can then send a mail to remind each other, but do not threaten each other or dissatisfaction with the language of gas, must be a matter of conscience, even if the other party is not willing to exchange with you, that is not what, then find the next target is OK.