chain approach

if you can write your own template is best, as each page template will be reduced to below 100KB, so to your page browsing speed and the search engine spiders crawl all have a lot of good place.. If you can’t write template so like me to go online to find some of the more simple the burden of the template, the most important is the user experience.

Links approach

outside the chain site, but the weight of high and relatively high stability of the website is a little more difficult to find. Before the "how to do" effectively and high quality of the chain in Hu Yibo have share how to do stable and high quality of the chain. You can also go to look at the reference, the second is through the analysis of competitors, looking for high quality of the chain.

if you are white words, then the above method properly as long as you and your ranking will operate a liter in L. If you do a black hat, then the above several methods may be just a foundation. But the stability of black hat no good white hat…

Unless the note > The


for Shanghai dragon Er exchange Links can say no to see the PR value, say it has a lot of people on the internet. The reason is simple PR update slowly, said complex PR and search engine is not completely related especially love Shanghai. So do Links with friends suggest or do better management, but the quality is good, the number of general Links below 50 is better, more than 50 weight share is almost not worth mentioning. In "how to embody the value of Hu Yibo Links" wrote these, a detailed understanding of how to embody or go to the Links value in

The analysis of competitors before

I wrote a few articles is relevant and related articles and the title, which in the "how to analyze competitor website ranking method" wrote how to analyze competitor, friends of the chain, the chain structure, meta tag. In fact, through these analysis you can imitate or reference to their web sites and blogs, simply learning Shanghai dragon if you can put online information, those soft Wen, the tutorial as an integration, so the effect will be very good.

!The structure of

always tell the reader how I said in a month will do the "second Chengdu Shanghai dragon". But there has been no time today to share with readers! This is definitely a dry cargo sharing, I hope that readers love. A few days ago I blog data damage cause data loss, all the pictures and articles blog are missing. So in the manual add back to their original text and Links, so my ranking is not significantly reduced too much, just the day before yesterday evening update will third. After yesterday afternoon, today came back..

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