must have a little understanding of people know the "content is king of Shanghai dragon, the chain for emperor" this sentence, whether you are in order to let love Shanghai included our website more content, or in order to lay the foundation of Shanghai Longfeng website ranking, we have a little time every webmaster need to send out some high quality of the chain, or find some sites of the same type of exchange under Links


love Shanghai unlike Google, your site how much of it will be included in the new station, plus not what love Shanghai so weight, the content of the new sites included is desultorily, so we have to do to let love Shanghai stable included our site more content of


has a regular website for those who love the sea update, will be given higher weights, as long as the site with Gao Quanzhong, then let Fang included your web content is not a difficult thing. In addition, if the owners in time permitting, to sand in this recommendation webmaster can take time to update at 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., why can not in this to say, if you want to know, you might as well go to Shanghai or love is Google, I believe love will find other more detailed articles


) to ensure the quality of web content, not only acquisition or reproduced, but also do not modify the

love Shanghai adjusted its algorithm in this year, Shanghai too repetitive for those who love the content of the crackdown is more and more big, if you rely on a website or is reproduced, but it is not the change, then the site is very easy to love Shanghai as a garbage station, and when after the site was characterized as love Shanghai garbage station, let alone will not be included in the website more content, so webmaster want to is how to make the site was not love Shanghai K off issues such as

) first owners need to find a fixed time to update the site every day, let the website updated regularly change some

) every day in the best time, appropriate to add the website chain or Links


network call free original, starting from the A5 website, trouble reprint this soft Wen friends keep links to related information: 贵族宝贝86tel.>

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, Google or some other domestic search engine, love Shanghai but not love a less stable website, if you frequently change the site keywords, or template, then don’t fall in love with the sea will be included in the website content, your website is not love out is a value of Shanghai K the celebration! So, in order to let love Shanghai stable we included the content of the railway station, when they have the most should not change the site, even if it is a generation that are not rational

second) before the site did not get high weight, the best do not change the webmaster website, even if it is not a code

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