, a domain name short memory

two, the domain name suffix

we all know there are many domain name after the main form, but our usual habits are ending in贵族宝贝. This is our common habit of the user, but also the public search habits, so when we registered the domain name to use贵族宝贝 at the end of the. So we should stand in the perspective of the user experience to consider, you know, contrary to the wishes of the public, is to pay. This is like the.Cn China international domain name;.Net said network provider. If you have the strength of words, suggested that the domain name suffix you all are registered, it can reduce the pressure of competition for you.

when we register the domain name, can consider the industry related words fusion to the domain, so that users see this domain can easily know this website is what we are doing, such as the Shanghai dragon, you will find many webmaster choice of domain name is xx+ Shanghai dragon, so that users see this domain name is easy to see the site in the industry.

we all know, the website domain name, the domain name is generally shorter, more users love, it is easy to remember. I think everyone has this experience, when we enter a long domain. May is not as input to the middle to enter, we want to know what the user is lazy, so the domain name is as short as possible. But it may also clear now, short domain is less and less, like Larry the corresponding not even so we can use another domain collocation method: the letter + digital or digital + letters which are, for example: hao123 which everyone is familiar, more than this not only short is very easy to remember, so we also do not have to find a short and easy to remember domain name to worry about. Therefore, a good domain name can help us better promotion, the user to remember next time will come to you.

domain using the entire Pinyin here is good, which not only has the advantage of optimization, and help the user’s memory, as long as you remember Chinese characters, the domain name will remember. For example: Baidu this is the spelling of this form, we are not very easy to remember, to search.



three domain name, keyword

Insert the Select the Pinyin

four, domain name by

as long as the Internet is get all know, before we make a website, must first choose a good domain name, which is the first element of a web site. A site of good and bad, we can also from the domain name as a reference, but the site will not only have a relationship with the domain name. A good domain name and website is not measurable. How should we choose the domain name? The following Li Fu and we discuss a selection of domain elements: