the beginning of the 1., can generally be written one or two original. Early to write original articles best in a summary form, covering all the knowledge related to the relevant professional, radiation reached the most widely.

)In fact,

website optimization, although not similar, but the optimal position, and optimization techniques are basically the same.

refers to the original article, may be part of the webmaster friends will be scratching their heads, not written. Don’t know where to start, first introduced a few original article entry point.

to do the optimization, promotion, SEM, have been stressed that a place is fine differentiation. So online shopping station can be divided into different types of Internet users face. For example: Zippo monopoly monopoly women, lighter, lingerie boutique, online shopping station etc.. If it is a comprehensive type of online shopping, this step can be saved. Today (consult me friend of website, is a comprehensive online shopping website.

2. medium, because the first two are some of the very wide, then split one, divided into a plurality of small topics, each.

two, the station optimization set

title is first determined the Site Title Control in 50 characters. A good title to the search engine keywords, 1_ 2_ 3 – [keyword keyword advertisement], which under the bar understanding in search engine keyword weight space, from left to right in descending order, in the first place the highest weight of keywords.

, a set of type

online shopping station

Description Description control in 80 characters within, if too many words to describe, not entirely displayed in the search engine, is not good for the user experience, not seeing the end key introduction to this website.

on the network now as Taobao, eBay and other online shopping mall, online shopping more and more fire, the gradual warming of the situation, so that more businesses also embarked on the road of the mall opened the network, online shopping has become a usual topic. Today I saw a friend in the group sent one of his comprehensive shopping website, let us give some suggestion and promotion, so the author on this issue today to talk about the mall website optimization need to do some personal analysis, (if there are different views, please reply.


home page module settings, is alive to the search engines to see a station, you need to update the content, such as product catalogue, the latest information, focus and so on, put one or two of these pages on the home page, is a good search engine, help included, update snapshot.

why should I put these two topics together, there is a way which can solve the content and outside the chain of the two problems. The contents filled, we all know that the original good, high quality original better, continuous high quality original article writing, better than. (a little nonsense)

three, content filling, and the chain increased