Shanghai dragon, whatever method you do, a high quality website is a must, content is king is its essence. Small site is not due to the lack of resources and weaken their website updates, instead, we should pay more attention to the website in this content pay more attention to the continuous acquisition, attract spiders, do their own


induced customer contributionOur purpose is to do the

site is reproduced content, search engine is not love, not their own original then pseudo original. Some usual accumulation and site theme related knowledge, combined with the large site, write some new things with their own views, using pseudo original to complement the original. The use of real-time news, with the theme of the website written in my own opinion, to avoid the search engine off. A station to the site that is not like a big, every content is original, so we use the web site resources, highlight its own characteristics in the update content.

. ReprintThe accumulation of search engine optimization! website?

in the large-scale site and your site theme, reprint some high quality content. Usually see some large related websites, since we can not find their own material, so we use a reprint of others content. A fixed time every day to update the content of the website reprint, spider culture collection habits, do their own Shanghai dragon. For example, China mining machinery, can not be compared with the HC Alibaba or mining machinery, they are constantly updated their website content, because their weight is very high, the spider will crawl uninterrupted to view the collection, then divided into two time periods to update your own website, morning and afternoon, some Alibaba. Or the hc360贵族宝贝 popular high quality content to enrich their own website, save the cost, also reached the spider collection.

Shanghai dragon often say content is king, the chain for the emperor, a site of the Shanghai dragon cannot do without the content of the web site update. Web site because of its manpower, financial resources supply, a lot of material in the content update, is easy to be original, in accordance with the structure of your site on the framework of uninterrupted updates, so the website in search engine ranking is very high. Then a small web site without too much manpower and financial support, can not go with the collection of material, how to update the

service with the customer in the customer gains at the same time, let the customer provide the content for us, make the customer loyalty! A website, must have their target customers, by customer for their website submission, thus eliminating the self update without material troubles. In China mining machinery operation to now, a lot of loyal customers, now most of the website content is to provide customers, provide customers with cutting-edge content not only saved and edited writing, editing as long as change the format can be released to update your own website

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