we all know, the content is the core of the website, if the content is not done well, the website ranking is very slow! So, at the beginning of the site to make use of the original article, if not enough manpower, also want to write original, at least to maintain the original content website 30%! This will shorten the time included stable, can quickly improve the weight and PR, let the keywords ranking promotion! Here is not to say the content, said that under the following chain


, the chain is the site of the most basic points, content to attract users, allows users to enter the site outside the chain! Only the readability of the article and the powerful external link can let website weight increase, if not two basic well, so the site’s ranking will certainly not good! Said the following about these two points to do:

?High quality

I found many webmaster will hold a free platform, and then to send the chain, until by the title, and then continue to register an account, then as in the past. So the chain platform useful? The answer is: very little! Can not say completely useless, because as long as the love of Shanghai included, there will be a long time, but a platform, or only a few platforms, obviously, very small! What is outside the chain of high quality

blog: I believe we all registered blog, now many blog site is two level domain name for the blog home page, then this blog can be regarded as a separate site, but the site is limited, and there are a lot of little things stand. But Never mind, as long as the registration of a blog, blog name to play well, the title of the keyword index, but the index should not be too high, such as you do the books, then you should take up a book title, and check its index in the index can best love Shanghai! The two index is a word! And then send 3-4 original articles, and add a link to the site or the anchor text in the blog page, then you can only wait included! [this account can maintain, can not maintain!] this is finished, then register a other site

how to send the chain? The content of


The content of !The


outside the chain must have the skills, not only on a platform, so it is not work! If you can do each have a separate outlets at their site, so this station does not want to go hard! Of course, this is not possible, but Never mind, there are other methods:

site outside the chain to see the chain rankings, will also see this page ranking, you send an article keywords ranking on the home page, and the keywords and index, then the chain is very effective, your website will get a high quality of the chain chain! Every day like this are constantly increasing, can not be interrupted, then the weight of your site will soon go up! The weight increase, keywords ranking will rise