, "search" configuration of the mirror and at ease purchase, conscience medicine, search, and touch the words surrounding the kaleidoscope, Xpress on seven functions, the first mobile terminal adapter "touch the word search".

Sohu The function of Just after the

in fact, launched 360 search search news last month has been out of concern, the koala king also has issued a document. Compared to before the new year from launch, launch good search five days late time, but the picture contrast and the outflow of the previous point of view, there is no change in the page.

IT / Yang Shufang

not surprisingly, launched a good search independent brand, is indeed in the development of mobile search about 360. In the promotion of good search in immodestly claimed "to become the first brand Chinese search". And that different search engines and other applications, is the entrance of Internet users. The search is good, users have the final say. Users applauded the search, it is a good search."

zero, Jun 360 navigation home page click on the koala "search", page Jump to 贵族宝贝haosou贵族宝贝, display the name as "search", and opened the new logo.

360 President Qi Xiangdong said internal e-mail sent to employees yesterday, "360 search experience both in accuracy and richness, or on the security, has been rapid improvement. Not less than competitors in experience, in some ways even stronger than the competition, in this case, our only weakness is the brand. But before the 360 search in the strict sense is a business name, rather than the brand name."