in order to understand this keyword ranking has the advantage, we have reverted back to two search engine ranking algorithm can also be said to be the two stages of the algorithm. The first algorithm is the link algorithm, this is based on the search engine when no user data can only see other websites for recognition of this site, I believe we all understand very well here. The second algorithm is the algorithm based on the user experience, I believe we know the most is the click principle. A web site to the first contact in the ranking is the link algorithm, because at that time the search engine on a new little master data. So we want to rank in the chain is the most important. We put the simple keywords to make up a small amount of the chain, so that the first two pages, so that we can quickly get rid of the website link to the first stage of the algorithm. Came to the second set of algorithms, the user experience is algorithm.

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everyone in the website optimization process has not considered the keywords ranking has divided? That is to say which keywords ranking first row up which keywords back up, I mentioned here refers to the site has only one theme of the situation. Here is the need to give you an example of it, otherwise you may not understand. Such as the Shanghai dragon training as an example, with the key words of our title is Shanghai dragon combat training, Shanghai dragon money Shanghai dragon training, free training, free training course training Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon money, Shanghai dragon online training. This is called a website only around the Shanghai dragon training this one word, the theme of highly targeted. Like the Shanghai dragon, website construction, website promotion, website imitation of the words in a title, we have to do is this a few words, so these words do not belong to the site is only one theme, we do not recommend this, because this will make your website weight scattered, professional and in the search engine more important, because these words or a weak correlation, is not conducive to ranking. Of course, if this is the case for keywords ranking has promoting effect is not so strong, we next to the first set of keywords for example.

algorithm in the work, greatly reducing the weight of the first set of algorithms. We can quickly from the hair of the chain of bitter career out, spend more time on the site to enhance the user. If on the contrary, you start with the keywords most difficult Shanghai dragon training to do it, then you don’t know how much the chain, the chain can be long to second sets of algorithm. This >

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should first rank training which keywords this site in Shanghai Longfeng, which keywords last ranking, this view is most likely the first keyword ranking, we must analysis index, the degree of competition and so on, the words we have to do from difficult to easy to list them all. The most difficult is the theme of Shanghai dragon training finally to do keyword ranking. Why is such a situation, do what good? The next to you one by one analysis.