I have said, my station is bought because of the instability of the space, is now open, originally a day there will be 200 yuan accounted for, now in the hungry state, like the majority of small owners, special and full-time webmaster, I was a full-time webmaster, which is on the site to feed themselves now, get are starving, kill people have to say space unstable. How to judge the stability of the space? Be sure to test a few days to see is not often downtime or Ping barrier, considering the final, buy a stable space is the key to the success of your late Shanghai dragon.

two, the spatial stability is very important for

three, the load capacity of

every day from the webmaster nets or Shanghai dragon forum, blog really can learn a lot of knowledge and technology Shanghai Longfeng area, but many people ignore the stability of the server space, as a small webmaster, especially without much money webmaster, rent a server is Arabian Nights. So without much money to start, even buy a domain name space of the money is saved, the cost of living, natural need not consider buying servers, so we chose the most cheap virtual space. Is the virtual space is a big challenge for our Shanghai dragon, and I dare say how the stability of the space is just the key to success of Shanghai Longfeng, above all is the basis of the spatial stability of the other. For this I think is in doubt, the site suffered the pain, a one year of operation, the station is because of space issues now in the dying state. Then how to choose a good space? To consider or pay special attention to those aspects of space? In this connection, I came to talk about their experience.

space data

did not have much money to start for entrepreneurs, particularly want to through the network of business people, the price is had to say about the topic, and visit the store is a reason, we always want to spend the least money to get good products, or want to spend money worth. Buy site space is so cheap, don’t look at the space immediately pocket, or to consider other parameter space, a comprehensive evaluation of the most suitable for your price and practicality.

can make Shanghai dragon people are not too concerned about this, in fact, do not completely mistaken, but not Shanghai Dragon technology, you know too little, so you would think Shanghai Dragon technology is not content to live. The spatial data load capacity is an important factor affecting Shanghai dragon, people never consider the choice of space, this is wrong. If your site space data load capacity is relatively poor, the search engine spiders can make your site up dead, not to mention the user to access, can not be opened, and the load capacity of poor space most likely to collapse, which is beyond doubt. If you have the space compression function, then open compression work >

Firstly, considering the price of