is now in the Shanghai dragon in there are still a lot of people in the group chain this dangerous behavior, they do not know the love of Shanghai group chain era has long gone, now the chain for love Shanghai appraisal website share is gradually decreased, many owners will be confused, his hard every day to send abroad the chain of the website can be but not to help, the proportion of the chain fell we cannot blindly go do the mechanical chain, these on our website to help is very small, we must pursue the high weight of the chain, we further enhance the weight of the site itself, here to share some do high weight of the chain note.

3. Links area

, a Links how to do

< 1> that a lot of companies with the web sites don’t do Links, because they only for ranking not only focus on the content, and may use black cap means.

1. problem: many webmaster will reflect the website for Links difficult, especially new sites, it is because you are wrong, if we think we want to drive or take advantage of these new ideas to exchange links that must be very difficult for the old station of others, so as not to call Links. And if we abandon the idea, but we will be successful, there is a saying: non selfless moral evil of the private, say is the truth.

< 3> Links number not more than 35, many of our webmaster don’t look good for Links has been constantly changing, we need to know more Links, the greater the risk, because there is a Links vote, if Links the station is K or drop right, then your own website may also be affected.

those illegal content station we don’t want to change, the station may say no ah, there are pictures, novels etc. we also stand flow station try not to change, because they rely on the flow of life, "

< 4> we can find our Links website in Links.

2. found at Links in potential

< 5> do Links when we want to analyze his love of Shanghai and included Google included, the amount included in the two is flat, love Shanghai snapshot to be within 5-7 days, if we see a new 1-2 months, and his related domain but on a million, that is the group had, don’t change.

< 2> find the content of innovative website, we should be good at discovering innovative website, also is the site of the station potential, so prospects will be very broad, innovative content can attract more customers, if the content on the website and Internet content repeat too much. Still, it is not recommended to do Links.