this topic I said I don’t know how many times, even I do not know. In the on-line website promotion before, must first set up the target keywords. Or to mid change, will lead to love your core keywords misjudgment of spiders in Shanghai. Is actually very simple, can not choose too low flow word we choose core keywords, otherwise it will lead you.

6, before the line on the website, determine the target keywords.


through the search data, daily search volume can be obtained through love each keyword index of Shanghai, or other related tools according to the number, understand the core needs of users and potential demand. Keywords: including correlation, keyword search volume keywords, commercial value. If you need more industry key words, can be used Chinese version of noble baby keyword tool.


said you how much your ability to do things, Shanghai Longfeng keyword optimization is also so, if you just learn Shanghai dragon, you choose to go to Shanghai in the Longfeng heat for thousands of words, then you certainly can not do it. This time is very important.

needs to understand the industry, through the search industry keywords, view the search results before 20 website, look at the site keywords competitor set, grasp the core needs of users. There is a saying: in.

1, according to their ability to choose the corresponding keywords Shanghai dragon

4, analysis of the core competitiveness of

2, the choice of keywords, understand the status of the industry keywords.

we usually before the site is not on-line, you may need to do keyword positioning and keyword analysis work, why, because the site in advance after the line means that the search engine spiders will crawl your web page at any time, in order to avoid some of the problems later changed the title and content to. So, before we got started, the need to determine the good (TDK) is the title, keywords, description and so on some of the details of the work of Shanghai dragon. Today, Shanghai Longfeng workers through this article analysis keywords general understanding of some basic ideas and reference for learning of freshmen.

, how to analyze the key words and key words

5, do the planning, such as the long tail word.

, 3 core keywords

in Web site keywords optimization, we need to make reasonable planning of key words, each page needs to do what kind of keywords is more reasonable.


analysis of industry demand

why must speak the core two words, good ranking sites do not necessarily get good traffic, find the core can get traffic, also can get good rankings. So, to find the core keywords of Shanghai dragon re early is really important.