Third factors: ip website tITe

contains many factors, not open space, there is a problem, dead links, hanging black chain etc…. It’s the main problem of space, space is not stable, you now feel no problem, not what, just don’t cry when you want to get one or two months of space station is unstable and, believe that small, small cry.

problem is easy to solve. If you do good, not to buy links, is in love with the sea K, will have to see what Links is there be K station. Links to buy it, and then buy, to your weight with the weight of the links you buy almost can not buy. Not all of a sudden not a lot of high weight.

Baidu sometimes every month a (you know), so every month. Don’t exhaust, the normal point, may be twice each month (really can have, may next you suffer, you can still smile, laugh long), today early on the website looks fine, the night back, leaving home, I refresh a few times, love station check, check station again. Finally admitted the fact K. Oh ~ ~ results Xiaobian conscientiously to check their website. Share the love Shanghai why was K off.

small because time is busy, no time to study new problems, and then in a hurry on the line, on the line after the discovery of many places is not very satisfied, then to modify. (there is a better station, modified a little title, right, what thing does not have a new change, ha ha). Baidu will call you, believe it or not, I believed anyway. How to modify the title, to modify the weights up again.

second factors: site instability



space is stable, good. But the space sharing is also a problem of ip. If you space with site high weight, very good, you get it, if you like space with low weight, even garbage station, very good, you’re dead. I believe you have to understand, no nonsense. To buy ip.

very sad, because their website was K really left home, say more are tears, did not sleep for a whole night, we love small kind below Dingding post, I was after a night for everyone to sort out the website is the cause of the K, almost all in this. If there is, what, you just below the list, do not spray me, Xiao Bian almost heartbroken.

Fourth factors:

fifth factors: link

website to do good, you suddenly revision is not good. To Shanghai every day in your home to climb are accustomed to, you suddenly changed the structure of the spider can feel like ruthless stranger, will drop, drop in weight, included off… May be K.

Small The

: the first factor of the modified