suggests the words long tail keywords, it may be a few words, a phrase, a word, not the core word, he appeared in place is also very easy to ignore, may be an article in the title page, there may be a long article, people generally do not go pay attention to it, not to mention the first time to search for it, so it’s search volume small, and very unstable, today you may search it tomorrow can not find, but it can extend your keywords, can be added to help users search adjectives, place names, such as brand, let users it is easy to find the site.

three, long tail keywords exactly how to set

long tail keywords are reflected, the content of the page, we can from the start, organize their own language, write your own product articles, the keywords should reflect on the inside, just began to appear we can make it out of the ordinary, bold, colors, links etc..

two, then we set it on the site in the end there is no need for

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is an excellent website, we not only need to set several core keywords and two key words can bring good rankings and flow of what can, why do you need this unknown long tail keywords, what it looks like, it is necessary or not, should be how to set it up today? Qilu network information and it is a

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of course, the key is included or long tail keywords and page optimization, website weight high, love Shanghai included is fast, good website structure, showing the effect of long tail keywords is good, so I want to do a good website, we don’t have limitations, should also consider more comprehensive.

he is different from the core keywords need only a few, you can bring the amount of search, it belongs to the less set type, you may want to select thousands to bring traffic to the site, but the location of enough keywords in order to more potential customers, to meet user needs to search, which can give the website bring traffic. Long tail keywords may be for some small and medium enterprises set up on the site, there is a certain degree of difficulty, it needs a lot of manpower and time, but large enterprises have abundant capital and manpower of the long tail keywords is its main traffic sources, usually accounted for half of its mainstream amount.