use love Shanghai to establish the integrity of the file

although no one can influence Shanghai reputation comment on whether there is love there is no love optimization, Shanghai will attention right in this area. However, as long as people search for some of the larger sites, especially in some industry leaders in Shanghai website, will love love Shanghai snapshot shows favorable rate, many websites praise at the rate of 80% first. However, some small industry enterprises and individual station station and the station did not appear the favorable rate, although this is not a mainstream, some people say that love Shanghai has said no such praise rate is right to do what he did with the website. However, I still believe in the construction site can not ignore this favorable rate.

love Shanghai word of mouth is the user for the website evaluation, the evaluation is a website impression on the Internet, which includes the praise, the difference in evaluation and assessment, from the more representative sites in the netizens’ good impression. A credit file for people, a lot of people are willing to evaluate the person praise, that this person is really good, that is all for this man for scoring, scoring high, the enterprise will be on the bottom, is willing to hire. The site is the same, more netizens praise, praise rate will be higher. So, it is possible that the user in the search for certain services, compared to two sites of praise rate, high praise rate, will reflect certain advantages.

for the website, if everyone said how, I want to say is the formation of the one thousand Hamlett, so it is easy to form together the quarrel, nor what result. However, love Shanghai to provide users a good evaluation of opportunity "

The use of

label is not love original Shanghai, Remember earlier, 360 in the search engine on-line soon, it launched the review function, but later launched love love Shanghai Shanghai reputation, Shanghai is a little more or less love drawing inspiration, launched the love Shanghai reputation, love Shanghai has not done much publicity, love Shanghai reputation or comment this function is in search of love Shanghai inconspicuous. But since the launch of the Shanghai love, more or less will give us some inspiration, how to improve credibility from love Shanghai.

love Shanghai adjustment website

in the eyes of the search engines, have authority and trust that love (love Shanghai Shanghai reputation) was originally a product of their own. The construction site is a monument to love Haikou users to participate in the process, these search engines can be judged from the comments in a website or domain name in the user’s mind a favorability, simply a process is the active participation of users, this will participate in a brand effect makes the formation in the circle of users we said. User participation is higher, indicating the site more popular, like NetEase, Sina and automotive home site, know that 163 is the NetEase, said the blog will say Sina blog, some of the pronoun, summed up all the things.