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when I started for a new Shanghai dragon, I feel more pressure. The first time, included only one, and then rise to when a dozen really fast happy cry, but before long, and drop to a collection. My heart sank, began to doubt their slack, efforts are in vain. I hold this website to see what he could do what kind of mentality, thinking of all or nothing, and for a period of time. Now included have more than 100 keywords, "start treasure" has risen to the home page.

"Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult", "Shanghai dragon has no future such as voice more and more, you will find that so many people began to abandon the industry, this is more money than now. But in fact, any industry there are people who make money, some people earn money. You don’t want to stick to just because people say, you actually did not have to really go too. More and more people begin to buy traffic, do not trust the effect brought by Shanghai dragon. In fact, because the market vacancy, this is a real opportunity. To look at it, you will find hard to be harvested.

began to feel confused when, I chose to give up, I can always feel Shanghai dragon is very difficult, is not the future of the " ". However, I persisted, just know that effort is really rewarding. Do you think there is no effect, because you are not doing enough.

entry is simple, even if you don’t have to use the Shanghai dragon experience, is also very easy. When I was in contact with Shanghai Longfeng job, I asked my predecessors, what is Shanghai Longfeng work? He used four words "copy and paste" answer me. At that time I did not realize that he is serious. Not until I began to copy and paste the I know that day in and day out, he is serious.


Shanghai dragon

and most of Shanghai dragon, I also experienced a period of confusion. Feel like doing is a bottomless pit, you are trying to do, but feel no direction. You do a lot of the chain, you don’t know how effective, but you have to force yourself to do not mind a bit at the end, only bigger is better. When you want to give up this is normal, because you feel that there is no sense of security, confused.

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