Internet, let all walks of life has become increasingly saturated, no matter what you want to do business, search will find a lot of peers, has more than before in a construction period of ten years of the competition, all the webmaster friends on the content of the collection to build their own core competitiveness? Anyway, Xiaobian think this is not realistic.

take the talent network.

small in Shanghai Longfeng work has been a long time every day, found some clues from the CNZZ data in the background, such as the Hefei talent network, every day in the update, the chain, looking for Links, but the background data show that really have hits on the page is the recruitment post, resume the page. The seemingly popular article page, residence time is not more than 5 seconds, so the content can help you form the core competitiveness of small does not think so?.

is the largest market share of the search engine, love Shanghai daily, weekly and monthly are adjusted, as a professional Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, you will find these years, love Shanghai update algorithm, can be called on the name of the already many, such as the green algorithm, hyperlink algorithm, bucket protocol and so on. Every time corresponding to different algorithms, at the same time the webmaster Shanghai Longfeng strategy should be timely adjusted to May this year, the "Wei Zexi incident", let love Shanghai has adjusted to the price, but the next June, love Shanghai on natural ranking algorithm also made the corresponding adjustment, you have a website the buddies must have found

The core competitiveness of the

2, your site is the chain? Or

1, update the article? Chain? This is your daily work

love Shanghai algorithm updated since 2012, the weight of the chain has been dropped to a record low, but many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners still send the chain, update the article, but you have found more difficult to get the weight through the way of

useful! !If you are in ?The development of

2012 in Shanghai dragon, the June update algorithm must not strange, it is this update, let a lot of concentrated work of the chain site is K, hundreds of thousands of keywords ranking is down, this adjustment also means "the chain for emperor" era has quietly in the past. If you continue now every hair of the chain, the Hefei talent network Xiaobian said, your site is K it is just a matter of time, so hurry to change strategy, not to be confused with the chain a wooden

Although the

on a lot of new Shanghai dragon, not the hair of the chain, do not update the article, the Shanghai dragon work what are you doing? In fact, love Shanghai for the present algorithm is called "comprehensive scoring algorithm", that is to say, even if your article chain is indeed very powerful, but the construction of other factors it’s in a complete mess, to search engines, this website is garbage sites. So webmaster friends, don’t dwell on the high quality is not high, the chain have deleted a small problem and so on.