included not only the direct pull light chain is substantially reduced, a friend told me that before him, in addition to the purchase of the chain, you have done too much optimization. Don’t let love to buy the chain of Shanghai K station? I looked at the content of the website and the page, the link may be a problem, but is unlikely, because the link quality buy are still good. But the content can also be, should not be these two reasons. Later, I found the website server recently often appear problem, may be the last new network server problems, the website is back, love Shanghai to grab, K. I recommend a friend for the server, in order to comfort the hearts of friends, I told him, maybe the two day Shanghai sentenced you innocent, restore your station. Unexpectedly, this morning a friend told me love Shanghai really recover his part included and ranking, and some ranking also slightly improved.

to say, love is the sea K station, the site was sentenced to death? Obviously not, if you are doing normal website optimization, without excessive optimization, with inappropriate content is K, it is possible to obtain or restore the ranking in a short period of time. This is yesterday a friend gave me the webmaster tools query results:

himself did not think this would be so merciful love Shanghai. Through this, can be said to be the site K is not terrible, as long as without doing the content and link the garbage, and the correct analysis of the site, it is possible to regenerate, so owners must continue to move forward in this way. This article from the Hui Feng Network (www.huifing贵族宝贝) original.

yesterday is Thursday, also is in love with the sea big update day, also is the webmaster some happy people are depressed days, website promotion, website ranking drop, also have a website snapshot backwards, however, as a result of the worst owners who do not want to see is the site love is included in 0, gross altitude, the site has been K, which is almost the crowning calamity for the webmaster. "Hard for decades, the night to return to a point before liberation" is no exaggeration. And friends for a station just yesterday suffered such a situation. Because fear can no longer get good rankings, friends have given up their own hard business website.