Website Optimization: general website using DIV+CSS framework, clear code structure is simple, especially in the navigation column must be some Kung fu. A good navigation can improve the site traffic, the maximum to keep visitors, reduce the rate of jump out of visitors (for example: when visitors to browse the entire article you need through the association attract visitors to try to let him visit a few pages, the user experience up Web traffic and the weight will naturally improve).

A. in the chain: be sure to update the latest articles displayed on the home page, between articles and articles can do some links or long tail keywords let the spider stay on the site (for example: CSS, CSS, CSS style understanding, can take the key link to the website homepage and other pages).

writing: writing with a unique view of the article, you can write some articles yourself if your writing is good enough (of course, you can also find others ghostwriter) must be original articles which will enhance the efficiency of search spiders love Shanghai, good article will also be other site reproduced improve the chain, in the article pay special attention to the keyword density, the general 2,3 is just right, too many spiders will think you over optimized too little effect is not ideal.

regular maintenance: regular maintenance on the web site, every day we have to publish articles, modify some simple information on the website. Some time to maintain the 3-5 website may not everyone do a seamless heavenly robe there will be some mistake. For example: an article is deleted or 1, 2 pages open. If the existence of these problems for a long time, the spider will think these are included in the amount of dead link effect. On all the links in search with webmaster tools, emergency recovery and white dead link.



theme: generally the front page article with 4-6 modules, for a new sites to update daily 4 article, 4 modules a. In this way the scattered on the contents, suggestions at the beginning of the first attack associated with a web site keywords article module. Other included the amount of up to other modules will be driven up.



After the

in the chain chain:

website set up what we are most concerned about is the site of the rankings and included, this is also a lot of stationmaster tangled problem. Staring at the screen on the website with a variety of webmaster tools every day, hoping to increase the amount collected continuously improve the ranking. Often sometimes not satisfactory especially for beginners, a lot of test methods is still not much effect, following a brief speech I improve some of the tips included on the amount of love sea.