this article I look, write well, but I love Shanghai for this article was not included, finally I analyze the reasons are the following:

with love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, now a lot of original articles are not included in the state, why is this? What is the reason resulting in the phenomenon now? The article is original, but also very objective, love Shanghai but not included, after the diagnosis that pen: root cause of the original love Shanghai is not included in the article title similarity, repeatability is too high, the following specific to talk about this phenomenon.


1, the topic is too hot, love a lot of similar information already exists in Shanghai, Shanghai has reason to love not included.

is now the Internet can be said to be a booming industry, there is a large amount of information every day, there are also a lot of information is discarded, and this kind of information generated with the already existing information may conflict will, to avoid the already existing information when we write the article. For example, we want to write an article about the chain website article, many owners think the first title is: how to build a site outside the chain, how to build a reasonable site outside the chain and so on, and this kind of title already exists in the love of Shanghai library, even if you are original, may love Shanghai never again included your article. In the first article is 2011, webmaster friends you would think in a year is not the same title of the article writing, certainly, but the love of Shanghai is not included, so we need not only the original content on the site, the original title also need.

The title

is the title of the article is not love as like as two peas, Shanghai included

loveHere the so-called missing two

half a catty mainly refers to the title with a heat similarity in the Internet is too high, this article also included a few love Shanghai now, we all know that one of the most popular website topic, how to improve this kind of topic web site user loyalty, in recent years Shanghai love search engine this has included many types of articles, now love Shanghai has rarely included, shortly before the Admin5 found an original article, but love Shanghai is not included in

: when to write the original article will write the title in the search engine search, if found to have the title as like as two peas for a title, such as the title of the construction site outside the chain we can write: the site outside the chain who? Who added the title of my website chain like.

2, other sites have reproduced too much, which leads to the release of website information is not included, can not love Shanghai according to the release.


half a catty short of two, Shanghai is now basically not included