is generally recommended in 800-1500 words, to do so is to let readers this article will not be too long to read trouble, we know that the word is too much, subsection is not reasonable, the reader is not interested in looking tired and will read, then the link does not pay attention to. The two article is short and refined will let the spider can quickly included climbing. The word is too small, not much meaning, too much, not high quality spiders do not love to climb.


two, the content of independence, and the other page at least 30% different

in the description of key words, for I do not propose to add keywords keywords black or bold, if to do so, then there will be a link farm suspected, the weight will also spread to the page, this remember, in addition to pay special attention to your keywords don’t appear dead chain.

, an update of high quality original articles, be reproduced

in addition to the content of the novel, but also different from other pages, can attract the spider. Some correlation but the content can not deviate from the theme of this site, we are about the contents of the following fifth parts. Let the readability is not the lack of freshness,

Shanghai Longfeng optimization optimization of many skills, as long as the master of these skills, and stick to it, believe in weight, the site could be greatly improved. We know how to update the site optimization in Shanghai Longfeng content is also very common. However, because it is the most common, so many of my friends do not pay enough attention, so today I will talk about the optimization of website content, I hope to help friends Shanghai dragon er. Website optimization or update the quality and update frequency, the correlation will directly affect the love Shanghai snapshot of the update, thus affecting the website ranking. The following is a summary of the author’s several points:

keyword density is the best grasp the author suggests an article keyword best not more than 5 times and keywords can not be repeated, you can in my cold station above look, general keywords not repeat the general maximum of 4 – 5. This is because the search engine will only calculate a connection weight, do not, will spread the weight of

we know each day Shanghai spiders read many articles, there are tens of thousands of articles on the Internet, how to attract the spider? That is the article must be original. Strong interest in the novel by spider, high readability in quality, so the spider climb to love. Never reprinted from other places, because this is likely the spider has been collected, this article is not love. Imagine a spider climb several times is not the new article, next time will not come.


of the reasonable section, but also improve the spider climb to love Shanghai and website snapshot included an important factor, therefore, in.

three, 800-1500 word, keyword density should not exceed 5