included new sites to quickly to stationmaster headaches, love Shanghai after many owners submitted to wait two months or only home page, love Shanghai for the new assessment now is more and more strict, Shanghai does not want to love like Google can take care of the new station, I think this is a lot of love Shanghai as "one of the owners said the reason Baidu"! Share with you today and the magic new fast included, the new network will give some new bird to bring in the harvest.

Optimization of

2, the chain chain is the majority of people are in love, know and love Post Bar Shanghai Shanghai experience. I believe the high weight of the chain, is to make its website can be a main factor of the seconds, and Links and link, should always check the chain, the chain link against each other to dispose of, if not timely treatment will bring bad effects to the quality of our website, on the contrary your friend chain is very high, so the weight of your site will rise.

, content is a web site of the soul, it is the content of the article, original content will be more love Shanghai’s favor, like network owners like A5, released every day hundreds of high quality original articles.

station, please give some opinions about the webmaster.

5, the content of

3, the internal structure, clear what is the theme of the site, do it well, it’ll be a success. Don’t make the website does not have what matter, all kinds of people see don’t know what it is! Such as machinery website there cannot be entertaining articles.

1, the server stability is very important to ensure the stability of the server, web access to normal, the same server site has a good record, if you find the same server by K website must be timely deleted.

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4, the code is not only strong into things like B, optimization of the main code is checked for any hidden things like display code, love Shanghai will think is cheating. In addition to pictures need to add the ALT attribute.

if you can do this, your website included snapshot is not a problem, even seconds, also attaches great importance to love Shanghai, but do these five points is not very easy. Do Shanghai dragon in this industry the province requires us to have enough patience and execution.