based web site keywords ranking optimization is the site to be included, of course this is not included in the Web index increased daily updates included, but the railway station included. The author Dennis to share today is the day before several new problems included.

here is not to say the work of Dennis and how, but in the work experience to analyze some things. When our website for some reason not to be included, or website ranking is stagnant, but not the time to find out the reasons, we can see from the server to the same type of analysis, site on the same server space is under the circumstances, in order to give their website to make a comparison in a diagnosis. Step optimization work. Not to know, most probably it did not actually happen behind closed doors, regardless of how your optimization technology is superb, still not enough to resist the influence of environment.

on site, we will think of the submission, is the site outside the chain of production, site optimization based and so on, but if these have been done and follow the prescribed order, the site is still not included is the original

to solve this problem, the author is the exclusive method will list reasons affecting the web site is not included, so the author found that still was not included on the website, the IP address is the same as the United States, belong to the Santa Ana room, the author is thinking. Whether it is because some sites in the server "cheating" behavior is search engine to determine the overall server trust degree reduced, so that the search engine for the server space site extended period, which included a new station on the line delay.

in the face of this situation, in general, the best way is to replace the server, so you can ensure that the website server is not because of "K" and its optimization effect. At this point, the 2 sites which transfer space, indeed the site is included. While staying in the original server space site is still not included. In knowing that because the server affected, how to speed up the website? I will do is one of the sites, in the high weight website of the same type is a chain, after a small update Thursday, this website is also included.

before I was feeling Dennis, some time ago on the site has not been included, the deadline to be included for nearly 45 days, the site is still not included. During this time, and some large Shanghai dragon to be a detective, also established some basic optimization scheme. The site is filled with a particular web page must be content to let search engines know this page can enhance the user experience, is to meet the needs of users, in order to enhance the weight included meet requirements. But the result is still no movement, not included in the last.

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