two, website marketing indispensable link

refers to the network marketing, who also can not ignore the existence of web search ranking, only need to continuously improve the quality of the website, you can rely on search engines to get more affordable website promotion. So, the first step of website optimization is also a lot of companies entering the network marketing. Determine the weight and website ranking of the site quality, regardless of which search engines are described, the content is the impact of website quality factors as long as. It is also based on this idea, the researchers think that part of search engine optimization, link importance in website optimization is weakening. In other words, it means that the link has not affected the website weight and the main factors of ranking, really?

content is undeniable, but the author believes that the importance of this and not the slightest weakening link. To understand this idea requires starting from the birth of the search engine based on content is very important, is constitutes a fundamental content search engine, it is easy to understand we gujubutan. But the existing search technology is how to obtain tens of thousands of web content? Even on the website as long as there is an update, and instantly search engine seconds, the answer lies in the link. Through the search engine spiders, tireless along the horizontal and vertical links to Everfount to crawl the web, search engines provide fresh information. No links, search engine how to access the content? Similarly, the chain and the chain more extensive website should get the favour of search engine, indeed.

there is no doubt that the existence and development of the Internet based on the link above. If there is no concept of the link, the user wants to open a browser to a web site, you need to enter the number of URL addresses for dozens or even hundreds of thousands of pages, the input of these boring URL address is unthinkable. Therefore, the importance of links is incomparable with other Internet technologies, in the marketing type website construction and network marketing, link also plays an indispensable role. In fact, far more than is the network marketing? The link concept has penetrated into all kinds of marketing methods, for example, we often encounter the EDM e-mail marketing, I am afraid that the vast majority of EDM users will be implanted website address in the mail. Because the amount of information in an email is limited, a short URL is the effective expansion of the new way of marketing. I feel that any way of marketing in the Internet era is not isolated, the traditional marketing network marketing is actually a prelude, and the link is the role of the bridge.

as we said in the beginning, with the understanding and application of the development of the Internet and the people on the network constantly, the traditional marketing way is quietly and network convergence. We look at it now, where is no web site, newspaper advertising and product packaging, sample book, even in the television broadcast, URL. The omnipresent figure. From the technical level, as long as there is a web site where UR>

, a web site cannot do without reasonable weight lifting link

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