1, damage the user experience. This is shown only when the sub menu or click the mouse to the user, otherwise not display, users do not know what it is not what he wants, this layout is great for the user experience of the damage, you can look at Taobao, should no enterprise products classification of Taobao products classification well, they didn’t complex, why don’t they use the drop-down menu to solve it, apparently because this layout is not consistent with the user experience.

3, the navigation path is too long. You add a sub section, the navigation path is another layer, path is too deep is obviously not Licka search engines crawl, that we know everything, I will not say more.

pages are almost the same with the title, this is certainly not a user is watching, unable to find what he wants is two pages in a timely manner, the layout of the keywords too easy to disperse caused by weight, thus affecting the ZhengZhan weight. The three is not the corresponding title and column content, the most direct consequence is the increase of the bounce rate website, because the user in the search keywords in your title page is likely to be unable to find what he wants.

error three: do not directly delete columns. This is not my personal suggestions to do so, if the site is generally small revision or adjustment after the discovery of some columns.

error: a keyword, can also be called keywords transgression. The following figure:

2, from Shanghai dragon’s point of view, navigation is a very high weight, we should make full use of every one of the words, just got a "product center", is obviously not in conformity with the principles of the Shanghai dragon, so the top section of the column strip must be put on the key words, you need to tell the user this is a what kind of product categories.


error two: add large column. This is generally prone to stand, as shown in the product:

if we are not particularly large, people do not recommend a sub column, if you really want to consider using a sub column, column cover, can also refer to the practice of Taobao, try not to make the drop. The other is the navigation path must be as concise as possible and not too long.

All says it is not good?

you know, rely on a web page is unable to carry all the keywords, the keywords we are generally the most core on the home page, column page layout in other words, how to do? For the column page layout, only one principle that we follow: ease of use. Optimization on the column page, I will not say, today mainly talk about some mistakes we usually make, you may well be in these small mistakes inadvertently made the lead to your site is not ranked.