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site title. The title of the site as we read during write a composition, play a role in the overall summary, if we call up is not comprehensive enough wide of the mark we call pianti, the site is also a reason. Usually, the site Site Title Keyword combination, and should better not more than 30 Chinese characters, due to the major search engines display a simple suggestions as far as possible.

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believe in love Shanghai several times this year to update algorithm and pictures of the recent algorithms we see not hard, to improve the user experience, Shanghai has begun to accelerate the pace of love, and we need to improve the user experience of the website, in addition to high quality content to attract foreign content, home plate layout is also very important. Many websites will roll Home Exhibition on the navigation below, but remember, rolling exhibition map content we should carefully consider, must be of interest to users or demand, and the size is not too large, otherwise the user to access the site after sight in only a few pictures in rolling. The core needs of users in the website are usually placed on the left side, because the user access in the home page, usually the first sight is entering the site on the left.

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usually our website is mainly composed of four parts, the top navigation, content and base composition. From the following four parts elaborate on some matters needing attention and skills, hoping to help you:

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2, LOGO. Most of the website LOGO by photographs, we must first consider the beauty, because the spider can’t grab for the picture, so we must perfect the alt attribute of an image.

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navigation both from the user experience or Shanghai Longfeng optimization, are particularly important. The site navigation of different types also have different characteristics: enterprise website navigation is usually simple, should not be too complicated, many types of products can be subdivided; mall website navigation requires the better classification, can help users quickly find themselves looking for the classification for the enterprise site, need; Shanghai Longfeng optimization, recently placed on the front page of the most important column, in order from left to right on.

as the Shanghai dragon all know, a good website structure is very beneficial to the search engine spiders crawl. While most users enter web browsing is the first page. Therefore, when we design the web page layout, not only taking into account the appearance, is more important to comply with the site’s marketing strategy. So, how should the website home page layout

basic information or Links, here I do not make too much explanation. Due to see a lot of website keywords like love techniques accumulate in the bottom, here is recommended as the Shanghai dragon optimization, pay attention to the practice, we must grasp the scale to.

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