I remember

these two cases is often just mentioned the case. The two move is actually a website in two brothers website, before a person to find our company to do the optimization results do, then his brother saw people around me have the effect of using this approach can find my company to do, and now the two website ranking in the first and second love Shanghai, recently is less noisy, because before I told them, I am not able to I love Shanghai keyword ranking of the first page of the position is already very much, I also want to let any website on which website that I have to work.

company: the company salesman who do the most successful case to the customer, such as a similar client companies already have the successful cases, the salesman will get new customers before boasting, said since now before the company can put the site to do it, so can the new the website to do it, because the results of this salesman with customer talk in a single time more competitive advantage, the great may bring it back. And the final cause is with their own competitive situation.

enterprise website optimization of the most painful thing is what? Is to find a lot of tough competition to surpass you. What is the enterprise website optimization is the most painful thing? Is to find these competitors in fact is you.

and the Foshan work clothes, some do most of the time is also four sites in Shanghai love home, some customers directly specified, which website is their competitors, you must do it in front of them on our website. Had this problem is very helpless.

of course such examples not only have the above two, there are many, such as Foshan logistics, stainless steel plate and so on. And recently have a new website keyword is Foshan private detective, because before the company has a website is doing this, there are four key words, Foshan private detective, Foshan private detective, Foshan marriage investigation company, private detective in the South China sea. Now the four keyword ranking first in all love Shanghai, so that new customers do the same site to do the key word is Foshan private detective, Foshan private detective, Foshan marriage investigation company, Shunde private.


into the network company has spent in one year and two days. Did I do not know how many sites, optimize the key words don’t know how much more. But some key words and among them is the same, but this kind of website optimization is the most troublesome, because customers know that his opponent is on our side optimization, if a customer’s website ranking behind another customer, so that customers will call to ask why his website on the back of his competition the opponent, can not be placed in front of him; the opposite is not easy to meet the requirements of customers, another customer came again.