network speed is a very hot topic, of course, largely reflect, now more and more people domestic website, e-commerce is developing very quickly, so how to make the network better and faster toward the direction of sustainable development to go down, and becomes a new topic. Most of the time, a physical contact to a web site, and log in, are emergent behavior. Sometimes, because people move in a direction to see a lot of similar sites, so in this group of similar sites, the user how to choose him, why do some sites he will be very serious reading, but some have made him feel even a glance very hard so do? Who is the most concerned and should consider, how to improve his website use rate. So, here, I put forward some views on this issue, as follows:

site can be divided into many types, but no matter how, there is a direction can not be changed, the contents of the first. This is every web site one of the most important nature of the problem. The service content of a web site, is the place to attract customers. Because each landing site, because the site provides information that is what he needs, he wondered. It’s like, eat dumplings, his favorite is definitely not dumplings wrappers. So, to get a customer to stay, let him become the site of loyal customers, we must provide high-quality content services.

to provide customers with a quick access to the

to provide customers with high-quality content services

let users feel he is the God of war

should ensure that give customers a neat page feel


on this point, most of us are able to understand a website, let us wait for half a minute, a minute or a few minutes are not able to show in front of the mood, like the driver hit a traffic jam. Just think, some people should not willing to visit this web site. If the page response to a website soon, he will give people a good impression, if coupled with high quality content to attract customers, we will be able to receive the welcome. So, the site must be carefully selected, highly efficient and stable space, to provide customers with a satisfactory service.

many people will have this experience, point to open a web site, began to pop out Cengceng rub out many unexpected things, perhaps a small window or small game advertising, video, or optical sound. Faced with this situation, my approach is directly to the site off, and I won’t open. I think most people will like me. Too much advertising, is a natural thing particularly disgusted with the customer. So in the design of the site, you should avoid excessive advertising, because it seriously affect the mood of the site’s users. The first meeting, the first impression is very important.

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