as a spectator, in the rankings throughout the war, I see the clue, summarizes the different keywords of "heat" in the ranking optimization, as a webmaster how should we use the right weapons to fight

encountered "hot words", we choose the weapons will be more advanced. Keywords search volume such as scouting network football scores "and" scouting football scores "100 we can put it into hot words. As everyone knows, a word from the "new" into "hot", must go through a process. When a word has been more and more people search, the word heat will gradually rise, at the same time, the optimization of the word difficulty increased. But don’t worry, shot at the appropriate time, choose the right weapon, you want to get the best ranking is not difficult. Then we can use the weapon is to find some high weight and seconds of the web site or forum posting on content of any restrictions is not too large, but also can get good rankings, everyone knows the truth.


not long ago, the long war for "grassroots Shanghai dragon looking for peer peer inside the long tail word to optimize the game, the game, hidden some optimization techniques and the second forum accentuates. In the face of such a word, every webmaster Gexianshentong, will undoubtedly make the game into a competitive ranking promotion battle. Because of this game, "looking for the new Shanghai dragon peer peer" moment in the Shanghai dragon industry to become "hot words".

from the above we can see that more searches a keyword, difficult to optimize the word more. But because the number included is the largest, so will attract so many webmaster and difficulties. If these words do go up, it appeared the effect will surprise you contrary to expectation.

in Shanghai dragon market gallop, like on the battlefield, in the face of such a bloody scene, Shanghai dragon Er how they should fight? It took what weapons to fight? Can use the spear and pistol contest? The answer is yes, after all the laws of nature in Shanghai dragon industry is to follow the survival of the fittest. Who use the weapon is strong, who can occupy the advantage in the war.


a "new words" out, those who have a certain understanding of Shanghai people will immediately seize the Dragon love Shanghai products, but products of Shanghai love beyond count that suits us, what is love? The Shanghai encyclopedia, Shanghai library, Shanghai love love love, love, ask the experience of Shanghai Shanghai is the first choice of Post Bar. We, is the most suitable for the Shanghai dragon Er weapons, and the search engine that comes with the product is required.

for the "red" weapons used, how should we choose? The so-called red word, refers to the love of Shanghai index, like the above "football scores". These words search volume is basically.