ensure that the content of the original and update frequency, to ensure that the spider can get fresh every day. The general distribution of around 10 in the morning of 1, 4 in the afternoon before the 1 -2. Sometimes also updated a night. To ensure that there is a high quality content (more than 1000 words, with HD no figure), the remaining two articles try to circumstances.


Shanghai dragon

company’s site, the domain name was purchased in December 9, 2011, after playing is not enabled. Later, the company’s business from abroad to home after we opened the new domain name to do corporate website. Do the fifteenth day, the key word "Lanzhou Shanghai dragon" into the Shanghai post love home, reached the second charge state, basic snapshot snapshot. We are here to share with you quickly improve website ranking Shanghai Shanghai dragon love experience.

I didn’t want to write this article, because in our opinion, the website optimization are far from being able to quickly improve website ranking requirements. Such as the column distribution and rationality, the key words of the long tail distribution, optimization and so on we are not actually doing well. In addition, the word "Lanzhou Shanghai dragon" although has strong competitiveness (trade personnel many), but in fact there are not too many challenging places. Are finally wrote, simply because we have some representative: namely enterprise website, index of about 100, there is competition but not fierce and so on.


is a main main keywords, plan a month before the five, drive the other two main keywords and long tail keywords. This advantage is that we do in the original content can be used to maximize the data collected and the highest efficiency, to achieve the authority of love in a Shanghai area as soon as possible.

enterprise website optimization difficulty lies in the limitation and the single external links. To achieve rapid promotion of website ranking, you need good internal structure, can let the spider crawl go free, convenient, on the one hand, when we formulate planning website in the early days of the following ideas:

to pursue authority, to pursue website.

site any page within the 3 layer URL, also can at least through the two station anchor text.

every day, the increase of the natural new chain, while ensuring that the correlation of the chain. At least 3-5 is the anchor text link, the rest do not insist. Strive to be natural, wide distribution and high weight.

site access speed control in the average in 3 seconds, do some things through the optimization and streamline processes. To ensure the stable state of the server.


will not write die, which don’t write keywords in Keywords. Let the search engine to matching keywords, covered in some optimization trace at the same time, to the greatest extent, create long tail.