, based on Taobao’s long tail word selection


MAC on Taobao Shanghai Dragon:


ASO? Is nothing more than the application market of Shanghai dragon, but for mobile search is just, I have studied the ASO optimization for a period of time, personally feel that the technical content than the Shanghai dragon, really a lot worse.


Objective: to quickly let the user through the search to find products, so as to promote the increase of store traffic, and bring into the sales.

two: Taobao Shanghai dragon

users have their own search habits, Taobao has its own search. This is not a Baidu? It is not in fact, each ranking algorithm of search engine is not the same, but some aspects of the same, such as to meet the needs of the users based on the search motivation will not change, at this time, we are not able to do long term? Of course, in fact, Shanghai dragon we know that can be used in many places, Taobao is no exception, if there is a day to play in the Shanghai dragon play does not go home, not go to Taobao play Shanghai dragon. So, Taobao Shanghai dragon and traditional Shanghai dragon what similarities? Here we take a look at it.

: a case optimizationWhat is the optimal Taobao

remember the leader said, China Shanghai Longfeng Xing in 2007, in the past nine years, a lot of things can happen in nine years, some of the rise of the occupation, such as ASO, and some occupation has gone downhill, such as the Shanghai dragon. Although I do not agree, but in the last two years of bad mouthing Shanghai dragon voice was to play to practice, the reason, no Baidu algorithm with more perfect pill, owners can take advantage of loopholes less, Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult. That people are talking about the webmaster transformation, but my personal opinion is that as long as the search engine is not dead, Shanghai dragon. Why?


users for the purpose of Taobao search, then the title is not to stack keywords? While falling in love with the sea bunch of keywords is useless, but not equal to no use in Taobao. Taobao search traffic users in my opinion is divided into three kingdoms.


factors of ASO: application name, application key words or tags, description, Icon, screenshots and video, user evaluation, installation amount, the number of active users.

this several dimensions of Shanghai dragon stationmaster a look will see light suddenly, oh! This is the original meaning of ASO, do this several aspects of good, but personally feel that ASO for the Shanghai Phoenix webmaster, is not a problem, because after baptism and the destruction of the PC over the mother end station long, how to deal with is not perfect in the APPStore? (about ASO I write a lot, here is not more talk)