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three, the original distinctive mark, and the increase of the authors, published display

user search keywords, remove the title bar to display the original light blue words below, followed by grey author’s name, then the source and release time. This move is mainly based on the original spark plan, love Shanghai which currently covers partial news site about one million URL:cctv news, people贵族宝贝.cn, xinhuanet贵族宝贝, caijing贵族宝贝, ifeng贵族宝贝, global network, chinanews贵族宝贝, Caixin, twenty-first Century economic report, international online, global Sanlian Life Weekly, entrepreneurs, Tencent, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, 36 krypton, shell and other sites. The purpose is to show the priority to meet the needs of users, to mark the original form and give the rich original content to guide users to more high-quality original site. But from the current show effect, coverage area is too small, the effect is very obvious.

, a search result presentation graphic display

two, the search results page second shows the head related search

search results more information, the first page of the search results if you can not meet the needs of users, users will click into the search results page second, while in the second page of the head, will show three popular search keywords, can greatly satisfy the user’s search needs or related search needs cost greatly save users continue to find second pages of search results, and behind the time.



graphic display in 2013 before a few months earlier there, but mostly in the search results show the text of 2 words, show with thumbnails is relatively small, and the recent announcement that the Shanghai love on the quality of website content recognition accuracy is higher, and the content will be a lot faster and more comprehensive collection, at the same time with the search results expanded, many small sites also appeared in the graphic display, and can enhance the user experience, users can directly see the product preview, but recently or in the testing stage, with high-quality content recognition improved search structure illustrated can further expand the scope of.

search engine results page show screened out from the Internet page for the user, search engine and user direct contact. The search engine results page is the middle page website with the user, displayed on this page the user needs is the purpose of search engine. In 2013 the domestic search engine old love Shanghai has great impact on 360, in order to stabilize the market share adjustment is unprecedented, various places constantly updated, can be said that even an ordinary user can clearly feel the change of love Shanghai, love Shanghai search results page will change to show, although somewhat unsatisfactory but still, is an advanced.