a love, Google pays more attention to the website weight


            website weight is very important to a website, the high weight of the site you want to put a keyword up, the time spent is far better than a low weight website will come easy. Love Shanghai pay more attention to this website weight, many keywords are those keywords weight relatively high occupied, it often do not consider the update, enter a keyword often appear some weight higher 2010 post; and Google more pleasure by those new articles, if you are a the quality is high, being included, this article will let you into a good position, even if you are a low weight of the new station. From this point we can see that love Shanghai pay more attention to the weight of the website than Google.

            with love Shanghai algorithm change, now many webmaster for a website written title have a big change, before is completely, pay much attention to the key words, for example: This is the whole person SMS short message Daquan _ whole _ funny _ the whole person SMS the new XXX – the whole person SMS SMS network, so you can completely match the way to do the four keywords, and now many webmaster is summed up in one sentence the title of the website, such as just writing written: the latest Funny SMS Daquan whole person SMS -xxx network, this approach completely covers the overall keywords. But the need to use the principle to word love Shanghai to sort out those key words; while Google still attaches great importance to complete the matching mode, and the 28 SMS network www.28dx贵族宝贝/ enter a keyword, Find a related article is far more than the love of Shanghai to find out.

            two, word segmentation: Google more perfectly matched

            love Shanghai and Google webmaster friends is the most intimate friends, friends China mainly engaged in site optimization to love Shanghai search engine as the goal, and engage in foreign trade, mainly to Google webmaster optimization, although there is a search engine, but there is a big difference or in the keywords ranking, many webmaster found Google keyword is easy to go up, but no matter how love Shanghai are difficult to break through the competition, actually this is only a webmaster friends feeling, not all of the station will have this idea. Through long-term practice we can see that love is different for Shanghai and Google keywords ranking, below, love Shanghai and Google keywords ranking for what are the differences.