is the core focus is the "speed" and "smart", faster search speed, higher search efficiency, not only can quickly react more to analyze your behavior through big data love Shanghai, give you the results, more intelligent and humane.


: a core speed intelligent search, the future of

as usual, open the Shanghai love search, find love Shanghai search process is a bit different, fine look, found:

as we know, Chinese search to solve the input side of the search results page side technology far more difficult than English, why?

this change, save 4-8 seconds for the users to search every day so you can save the user 5610608208 seconds to love Shanghai.

2, the search box by the original position of the top and bottom to retain only now at the top of the search box and top form, easy for users to search type.

1, Chinese input method of keyword type, and >

2, now the search engine has a smart, it can guess what you want

after the author’s some understanding, the original love Shanghai search to update the official external argument is "love Shanghai speed intelligent search, embodies the" one center and two basic points, namely:

any innovation of science and technology, has experienced a long process to capture technology, although the final presentation to the user’s seemingly simple products, but the technology and difficulties behind the need is that we cannot imagine, but to achieve speed and intelligent search function, technical ability really love Shanghai behind is not to be underestimated.

is changed slightly, but compared to the past search process, intelligent completion and predict the current search, so the search process is very good experience.

2, you can see the prophet: accurate guide users, to see the

two basic points: the prophet you want, you can see the prophet

as always step by step

compared with ordinary search speed, love Shanghai speed intelligent search can improve the search efficiency more than 3 times, not only greatly improves the search speed, more is to improve the search efficiency.

1, the last search engine is just a tool, it can be found that you want to

1, you want to predict the prophet: user search demands, instantaneous results show users want to.

3, the future search engine it can insight into the needs of the prophet, you did not want to

1, in Shanghai love search box enter the keywords, do not click on the "love Shanghai" or "enter" button to show real-time results and related content, at the same time, with the changing of input, the results obtained is the real-time dynamic change.