first, Shanghai dragon why need to work rather than a fixed modular running account. We need to understand what is the purpose of our website. The answer is yes in order to obtain accurate and effective target customers, in order to achieve maximum flow, improve the site conversion rate, effective orders to bring. Understand this, the following things are very easy to understand, is the user experience with the love Shanghai algorithm upgrade user experience of our strategy and the way to change.

to solve the above problems, the author to understand their own mistakes in the next to do an analysis, hoping to provide some reference for everyone.

first, Shanghai dragon is not simple repetitive work, but an extremely meticulous, an art behavior need to operate carefully. Secondly, the content and the chain is the key to do is to do every day? Every day work will have no meaning, this is worth every one in Shanghai Longfeng work friends to self review and summary. Finally, Shanghai dragon is the network promotion as long as the website ranked at home will Everfount orders. Shanghai dragon is only a part of the promotion, get more traffic and orders but also for their own websites of various effective website data analysis.


as everyone knows, website maintenance optimization of content and the chain work can be said to occupy the main work 8 hours a day, which leads to some entry-level novice friends think Shanghai dragon is very simple ah, nothing more than doing some fixed modular work such as every morning update, the afternoon visiting the forums outside chain etc.. These things on the surface can not see what technical content, but once love Shanghai algorithm update or every Monday a small update of a monthly update, your site weight and ranking do not, or has this time facing the boss questioned his ability, suddenly epiphany, the original Shanghai dragon is not a simple repetition, it must there is a doorway, a good talk with the short continued his three years of experience to share with you to optimize Shanghai dragon three problems entering the workplace facing and solutions.

solutions, optimization is actually very simple, I want to say only two words carefully. Specific performance in the aspect of web design, good user experience, taking into account the reading habits of users and spiders crawl mode, add all kinds of navigation, navigation, page open speed, statistics for the website keywords analysis and long term, always pay attention to industry news and change trend of search engine, any details of his optimization to explain the reasons why this operation, cause what is the result of good results and bad love, such as Shanghai increased click principle, this time how to make users as much as possible to read our article, we need to think about is to delve into the part, such as a web site content fresh degree, the original degree. Each article at the bottom of the related articles and so on, all can effectively improve the click rate. The author thinks that the website optimization website is not built on the line of the.