contact site keywords is the core of a website, as described as a feature of a person, but also need to have a web site keywords to describe, but often this keyword is hard to find. Often in the website optimization before, we need to own website for analysis, keyword analysis. The blog to tell you why the keyword analysis.

We all know that Keywords:

: first need to analyze keywords. It is necessary to choose the core to the site, of course the core things to have certain heat, at least one would go to search words, this website can bring the user keywords. For example, now many webmaster do in Shanghai dragon form + keywords region, want this keyword to pick up a single optimization, but the owners have not thought about, do not understand the Shanghai dragon company executives will go to search this keyword? This keyword is also relatively well-known in the station long inside, but the user’s point of view look, it is difficult to think of such words, such words would not be valid on the web site for the keywords. So the keyword of the website is not optional set, is needed to get the analysis.

second: select the appropriate keywords. Keywords for this core, it is to choose the high heat, but it does not mean that we must choose the highest heat, sometimes with high heat keyword optimization difficulty is there. The final decision to choose what keywords or keyword analysis under the difficulty of the competition, to analyze from the top several pages of the website, see others using the page or home page, others site optimization analysis method, analysis of key words in others site density, the intensity of competition is more popular keywords, if the intensity of competition great, but you are a new station, it must choose a keyword to give up the heat, select other appropriate keywords. As bloggers do micro-blog marketing site, micro-blog heat is great, new sites to do this is not easy, so the blogger will give up, after micro-blog has chosen to do marketing.

analysis of effective flow again. After screening in front of the 2 step, the keyword of the website is basically can be determined, but this does not mean do not need to go to the analysis of key words. Website operation later in the process, the webmaster to real-time traffic from the keyword analysis, through the analysis we can see Google keywords bring effective flow analysis, can see the site keywords can bring effective flow, keywords may appear before we choose although very popular, but could not bring us effective flow too much, we need to abandon such words, re select the keywords optimization. The keyword of the website must be straightforward, and their correlation to products, many optimization company in order to complete the task, to the user optimization directly to optimize the site name, or the name of the company, but the key words on the site itself, there is no any meaning, then hot nor effective flow. ;