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gold as was in good faith, this is Sima Qian in the records of the idiom "promise" just four words out of the credit value, people walk in without faith and not made. In the world of the Internet, websites such as individual in the society, and the search engine as the network is the social network of rivers and lakes. You want to get good rankings in search engines, not to win the trust of the search engine can not, therefore Shanghai Longfeng optimization trust first.


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website information content is not my site I master

I listen to my site, my site I decide, this ad was popular in the country and by 80 on both sides of the Changjiang River, the group preferences, remember my college notice tied bundle of mobile phone card is this ad. My blog I decide my blog site, listen to me, this idea also has independent blog website. But the blog site is a public service of mobile phone products, not just listen to your own phone card. We usually published articles in the forums and blogs, otherwise I will encounter some violation of state regulations and information processing method is often forbidden to publish or replace words. But when published in his blog site without this function limit, if it is free or inadvertently made some sensitive words related to the search engine will not reject, but must be on the web site of the serious drop right, the amount of information so as to give you a sea billion page article sank in every day the. Because if not your site drop right, site information may be inopportune or inappropriate through the search engine wide spread, when the first caught pigtail is the search engine, the relevant departments will first of all that is the result of search engine supervision. So the search engine will be out of contraband sensitive words site, the serious drop right processing.

Website Trust

my site "network marketing front", originally after more than two months to write original articles and soft Wen submitting, website is part of the article also love Shanghai news source to collect.

Shang Yang reform did not move, but the letter first, Ma Taobao arborescens, trading failed, trust first. Whether it is in the reality of the society, or in the virtual network, trust is a precious quality, can reduce the communication cost and improve the economic benefits, can build a personal brand, the establishment of social status. The establishment of good faith to win the trust of people, has become a shortcut to success. When it is website optimization with this, "I in the solution of Shanghai dragon secret Zac blog ranking can not be copied" and "Shanghai dragon new algorithm: public convincing effect" website ranking in this paper a detailed analysis of the site’s trust problem method and build trust website. The website trust establishment is a long-term process of accumulation, but the Website Trust failure often in but in the moment of their. Don’t let the weight of some small problem Website Trust website.