due to flooding machine register and click on the software, it is easy to find some new chain specialist registered in the chain, the forum mostly introduced artificial audit and anti irrigation set construction forum outside the chain can become more complicated. Some inexperienced often encountered, their hard registration website to release was found outside the chain, the chain is not allowed with signature requires a certain review period is the need to a certain accumulation, and according to the size distribution level of signature words. It makes a short time to rely on the construction of the chain forum idea is difficult to achieve, also increased the working efficiency of the chain commissioner. In fact, as long as we work to adopt flexible measures, or the increase of the chain of the forum can easily find a lot of registered.


2. from the predecessors of resource sharing

etc.anyway, directly into today’s topic, the following is the Dragon methods at work:

3. in Shanghai to search keywords "

recently a dragon in order to verify his observation of the love of the Shanghai algorithm testing forum outside the chain to the influence of the website ranking, so a large number of registered forum outside the chain, whether it is the anchor text or text is stored or signature, and the website industry is related to the authority of the forum platform and activity, as long as the signature can be issued the chain can be. So in the pursuit of quantity under the principle of the dragon shaped chain in the short term to obtain a large number of registered can sign, for the next discussion to validate the effect of the fast search for the signature of the chain today talk about summed up the dragon.

smart webmaster know, want to get outside the chain of resources, in addition to learning from competitors will be rich with internet information. "The love of Shanghai, You’ll see." for the majority of Internet users in the problem is very easy to love Shanghai, will be able to search a lot of content related. We can also use the new chain specialist love Shanghai powerful search engine, search "can take signature forum resources, " at night there will be a lot before the Shanghai Longfeng summary of good resources, even in the Shanghai dragon also marked this forum with anchor text or text, there is no level limit etc.. Although some resources are outdated, but better than our chocolate but do not know how to do, not easy to find but do not use the dilemma.

1. is the most direct and simple domain:

through the relevant domain query the competitor’s website, we can easily know what competitors are in development of the forum outside the chain, but can imitate. But looking at competitors forum outside the chain, we must pay attention to a skill, is to see people in the level of competition on the forum. If you are just getting started level we can rest assured to register, if the level is very high that we need to carefully look at other posts in this forum, in order to avoid level restrictions can not be released even registered forum outside the chain, thereby wasting our energy.