old station domain name for a long time, the general words have the PR value, but now the PR value has been less important, for the love of Shanghai is even more so now, when Links will love Shanghai weight, but the old than the new domain name domain name weight is high, even if there is no love sea weight it does not matter. If the search engine to an old station impression is not good, so naturally will not give you good rankings, like this man has been pulled into the blacklist. We need new faces make the old station better, let Baidu to accept him.

in Shanghai Longfeng strategy old station

is also done to the construction of the chain, is also doing updates, why do you do not stand up? This question is very difficult to use one or two words to say, what is to stop doing business in Shanghai dragon what we fight? The chain resources or original content? Or is the user experience? As a Shanghai dragon practitioners we can do is probably the only content and the chain, but do these may not be able to let up, Shanghai dragon road is still very long, we need to constantly practice and exploration. The station is divided into two categories: old and new station.

I had an old station optimization, keyword competition is moderate, but the optimization of two months ranking is stable in a range, suspended in midair. So I think a lot of Shanghai dragon people are met, why the old station is hard to do? Of course, this is relative to the railway station, according to the author’s experience, many of the old station due to long-term neglect, in addition to some wrong understanding of Shanghai dragon, such as pens of many companies see the station anchor text a large number of applications, an article appeared in many anchor text point to the home page, like this page is very hard to love Shanghai included, station anchor text optimization flooding also has excessive suspicion. And so on the problems often arise in some domain name enterprise long station, so this received a list of the first thing we need to do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, then a rectification.

Hello, I am a rock. There are a large number of personnel and the like in Shanghai Longfeng do enterprise stand optimization, in optimization has the same, is nothing more than a website update, the chain construction, Links exchange. But we will still have to do a lot of keywords for three months, or even longer can’t love optimization to the first page of Shanghai, what is the reason? Because the keyword competition is too large, or the implementation of force is not, or simply Shanghai dragon strategy problem? We have to seriously consider this a few aspects, and breakthrough Shanghai dragon is the most difficult to try. We are committed to customer 1-3 months on the first page of Shanghai love, but if you do not go up not only to lose a list, have lost a customer trust. So in the commitment to customers before must think, I can assure you what, I can’t guarantee what.

now love Shanghai more optimistic on new sites, especially the enterprise.

first class:

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