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keyword, this problem is many webmaster mentioned, combined with some recent cases in the us to talk about how to choose the site location keywords today? We must first understand what is the key? What is the meaning of the words in the search engine keywords? In fact it is called by a few words of vocabulary words the most critical is to summarize a website. The shorter words usually search volume is high, the relative degree of competition will be greater. The longer the words the relative search is low, there are some words of good can improve the conversion rate of its own website. Then search for keywords is how to locate sort? This question is very valuable, the earliest time of the search engine is just a simple page content to crawl the site and then to the content of Analysis of classification, then this type of page correlation is high and the page weight is relatively high compared to the list in the front of the search results. (keywords ranking is not only by the high correlation can be ranked up, if your pages are not even the basic requirements are not weight? To ask what is included then the Internet ranking said?) after several years of development, the quantity and quality of Internet users have been rapid growth, so natural as domestic love Shanghai and global use most noble baby the mainstream of these search engines have been greatly improved. The factors of the website rankings are more and more have those? Keyword selection factors to

so now that you know the location not only to the general name of the company or organization to position, so how do we choose keywords? In to talk about the public can accept those words? In fact, from the beginning of school, we are aware of these things, the school language text, our impression in the memory of Xinhua dictionary…… These words, phrases, since when we accept these things, the search engine in the legend Dictionary (the exact number of phrases is not clear, but some methods and principle of Xinhua dictionary which is very similar.) so when we keyword positioning to meet the public’s ability to accept.

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network company website basically is the name of customer company or organization to name a network feel this way is not appropriate, most companies are the first relates to the field of electronic commerce, a great site may have been done for the first time, may be the company or organization in the entity in the reality has a certain reputation however, the Internet is not very famous (except for the influence of the big company or organization.) so the keywords with a company name to absolutely is not appropriate for the.

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site when words positioning, a network should be focused on the most popular choice. That is not the best, why do you say that? You think popular vocabulary competition is relatively high, the current in the.

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