analysis: from here can see, know and love Shanghai forum to bring a part of the flow, then can strengthen this part of work.

Analysis of


has fast channel optimization for more than a year, beginning like many owners are busy, stop the chain every day. In the "content is king, the chain for the emperor" era, many webmaster to do outside the chain as a very important task. At the beginning of May because the chain included and ranking or lifting or joy or sorrow. Can be a long time, will inevitably be sleepy, watching their every day to do a lot of the chain has no effect when the heart began to sweat. So, start thinking about how to improve their work efficiency. Look at the A5 station a lot about Shanghai Longfeng paper, that benefit. This is thanks to A5 owners to give me a platform, so that I can continue to learn, continue to grow. Below, how do the website data analysis on his Xiaoshan Kowloon andrology hospital? Well written, also hope you heroes exhibitions. QQ1048056038, welcome to the station with the learning exchange, improve together.

PV data



3 site analysis

1, website traffic analysis of the source of


2 site

back rate of By visiting the page data analysis

5, visitors to the site area

was 4, visitors to the site

Analysis of

analysis: visitors back rate reflects a website for users of the "sticky" degree is high enough. This can be seen from the user, the viscosity of the Xiaoshan andrology hospital is not high enough, the need to improve the user experience of the website.

analysis: from the figure can be seen, the foreskin, premature ejaculation, syphilis the visitor list page number is high, the average residence time is long, these are of great value to the patients, the next work will focus on.

How to analyze the data of Shanghai dragon

analysis: PV from the side to the user experience of the website is good, this can be seen from the daily 10:00 AM and 15:00 PM PV of the user is very high, this time visitors greatly. Note: edit daily updates in the station, can you pay little attention to the time.

Xiaoshan Kowloon andrology hospital



analysis: the search engine is more and more localized, search for the same word in different regions, the search results may not be the same. This can be seen from the website, users 50%>