visible from above, the author used the query tool when the station’s home position is not in the first place, then you can not blindly judge this site is down right. We can see from the chart, the snapshot of the station time, love Shanghai and Shanghai website traffic is expected to love the weight is 2 and PR is 3 and the station is not clear from this single aspect to judge. Obviously, the station did not fall right. Site:www.xxx贵族宝贝 is not in the first place, only one method of judgment is right down, can not separate from this point to judge.

two. See included, the weight of the website, keyword ranking

as a Shanghai dragon Er staff, but the heart is the most optimized site is down right, with the search engine algorithm more humane, rational, compared to the previous Shanghai dragon is much more difficult. Especially a few times adjustment and upgrading, this year in Shanghai, such as: love algorithm algorithm algorithm 2 green pomegranate and other upgrades are made of many site is down right.

. First use webmaster tools to query

whether a site is down right, for the novice webmaster may appear in the blind judgment. I remember in August when a group of webmaster webmaster suddenly sent a URL over said his station was drop right, when I asked him how to judge the right to be reduced, he said that the site:www.xxx贵族宝贝 site is not the first home page, I said to him: the first site domain name is not in the first page that is not necessarily right down. So I also use webmaster tools on the web site for a simple analysis of the data, found that the home is not in the first place, but the weight is still there, at the same time I also query the station keyword ranking is there. The author of the owners said, don’t worry, your station is not right down. I knew that this must be a novice webmaster will appear such judgment. In the view of whether a site is down right from the web data comprehensive analysis is the most sensible judgment. Today I to take this opportunity to brief summary judgment, a website has what expression is down right, hope to help some novice webmaster.




in judging whether a site is down right can view the collection is not in a decreasing trend, if a site included suddenly from 3 digits to single digits, "


for the use of webmaster tools, believe that every webmaster is very familiar with, is used in Shanghai dragon industry in the most many webmaster tools for love: webmaster tools, the home station of Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query. I generally use the home station of Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query, webmaster tools for a simple understanding, the following is to use this tool to help analyze Shanghai Longfeng data as shown below: