, data management, is submitted to sitemap, according to his sitemap file specification for production of XML documents submitted online IT news system for the teahouse is a dream weaving system, the nobility with her own baby sitemap generation plug-in can be through the online examination, after testing found that as long as the page will be submitted after sitemap immediately included, the site should know the importance of love in Shanghai included the site traffic, especially the amount included million level after

four, site safety inspection, can help you to discover whether the site is a Trojan horse;

three, fault statistics, fault statistics similar to Google Webmaster Platform, currently IT teahouse also can not see the data, which should be displayed page crawl errors;

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform (贵族宝贝sitemap.baidu贵族宝贝) on the Internet entrepreneurs club on the occasion of 2nd anniversary is released, but is still in beta, and only a few webmaster invited account. I had the honor to get an invitation to the test account, although the function also hit so powerful Google Webmaster Platform, but several functions have been of great help to the webmaster, with good may make your site flow improved significantly.


two, the function of the URL, I am afraid to let those who do love Shanghai business PR delete snapshots fail, we all know that before you want to delete a page in Shanghai included love is simply difficult, now directly by sitemap in accordance with the rules submitted soon, the page will disappear automatically in the fall in love with the sea. Because the website for those who cause included problems smoothly done or easily solved;

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform currently has four big functions, submit, URL, fault statistics and website security check

is currently Webmaster Platform or in the closed beta, webmasters may not get an invitation code, the reason is because the estimation function is not yet perfect, expect love in Shanghai can be improved as soon as possible, as soon as possible to the majority of owners to use, want to get the invitation code can be a friend to IT teahouse entrepreneurial community to see, we are engaged in the community active send invitation code, as long as you have today in the most active in the community, you can get a love Shanghai Webmaster Platform invitation code, you have to try it. Event registration address, 贵族宝贝home.itchaguan贵族宝贝/space-10096-do-blog-id-6520.html